Diablos Flame Thrower


Diablos Flame Thrower is a unique blend of Red Chili Pepper varieties.  We late harvested Jalapenos, Serrano’s, Habaneros, Asian Chilis and Salsa Chili Peppers allowing them to ripen to their max turning red and adding sweetness as well as heat.  We combined these in a blend with Reaper, Ghost and Scorpion Chili peppers along with Red Bell Peppers and then added our seasoning and a little Love from Mezcal Tequila (hence the name); being added before the cooking process.  When finished, this delicious sauce was put and aged in English Oak Tequila Barrels for 30 days before finishing and bottling. The result is an extreme hot, but semi sweet sauce with a touch of smoke and tequila flavors. Like all our sauces, no matter the heat level, our flavor profile is exploding your taste buds throughout.  We hope you enjoy this special release as much as we enjoyed making it and as always….

Thank you for your continued support.

* Disclaimer: Extremely Hot Chili Peppers.  Do not eat or use caution if heart or stomach conditions are known or you have never experienced the Reaper or Ghost Chili pepper before.

Ingredients: Water, Vinegar, Chili Peppers, Peppers, Onion, Garlic, Salt, Pepper,Mezcal.

5 fl. oz.