Our Story

Brandt’s Wicked Pissah Hot Sauces came to birth after Chef Sean Huguenin was sitting down with a wonderful young man named Brandt Wellwood.

Brandt is a 19 year old who has “William Syndrome” (google disability) and has faced many challenges since birth.

Brandt has always loved hot sauces and to see people’s reactions who take on the hottest of the hottest peppers. So, upon Sean talking with Brandt, knowing his story and desires in life to have something of his own; approached Brandt to start a small business that he could call his own and see where it goes.  Brandt was excited about the idea and venture.

The vision was to develop a line of sauces that would have different heat level, but most of all, flavor profiles that would hang with the heat. Too many hot sauces pack a lot of heat and the food and flavor get lost. We aim to change that statistic with a line that offers you all the goodness you would expect in a hot sauce, but with heat and flavor profiles that will keep you coming back for more.  Tastings in 2018 have proven that we are on the right track and look forward to seeing you as we hit the market in 2019.

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy these sauces.

BWP Team